The Benefits of using Letting Agents

As a tenant, one of the most challenging parts of your process can be hiring a letting agent. In fact, many people believe they can get into the property game and just cut out the middle men altogether. That’s entirely true, but the “problems” you face with a letting agency is likely to be nothing compared to the problems that can arise when trying to take on a full house sale independently.

So, how should you go about property management – even renting a flat? You should have a letting agent in there helping you out. Not sure why? Then here are some of the most effective reasons why letting agents are your friend, not enemy.
Local Expertise

The best letting agencies come with a strict and detailed local knowledge of property. This means that they can listen to what you need and desire, and offer a good solution within the area. They should know without having to look too closely – your price, requirements and demands should make it easy enough for a good letting agency to give you information on the local area.

This can help you work out everything from whether the area is affordable to whether or not the schools are a good fit for you. This really is quite invaluable in helping you move away from having to do all of the local analysis on your own.
Helping with Disputes

A good letting agent will step in to deal with an unruly landlord for you, as well. This is a common solution and one that we see used quite a lot – if problems arise you can find a solution amicably with the help of a landlord. They can take a more professional look at the problem and offer an answer that is likely to be more civil than your own, too!
This helps to diffuse the tension and make your problems with a landlord easily solvable.
Professional Assistance

Any good lettings agent that you look into should be a part of a national association such as the NALS, ARLA or UKALA. These are organizations that are very well respected and can make sure that you are working with someone who has the professional know how that you demand from your staff.

With that in mind, a letting agency can help you spot the problems in your agreement that you might not have wanted or agreed to. Then you can solve problems before they become issues which are set in stone – a good agency can offer a more hawk-eyed view of your agreement than you can likely do on your own.

Now, when it comes to hiring a lettings agency, you can see why they might be a useful tool to have on your side. Just remember that the best property is now always the one that was advertised the most; it’s the one that ticks every box that you were hoping to have ticked. Going on a property hunt, then, is made much easier with the help of a trusted letting agent.
Whether you are renting a flat for a few months or looking to move in long-term, you’ll benefit from using a local letting agents.

Starting a business…

Business! For those of you who have earned a living working for someone else, owning a business is unimaginable. But is it? How hard can it be to start and run a business? Difficulty is a matter of perception… with most finding the issue of starting a business with the transition from their current form of income to their new venture.

Before we get to that bit, let’s look at starting a business, what do you actually need? Lets start with an idea… as it’ll help. You need to know what you want to sell. Are you going to sell a product or service? For example, are you going to have a plumbing business where you provide plumbing services? Or are you going to open a shop, where you sell goods and products?

While I remember, let’s draw a distinction between a business and a job. A business is only a business when it can function without you being there. A business is a set of processes that can be managed by anyone to produce repeatable and profitable results. A job, in contrast, is something YOU have to do to earn you money. Many get into business thinking they are business owners… but in actual fact they have just created a job for themselves… which is kind of like being employed… except the bank manager is your boss.

Business plans! You’ll need one, especially if you want to borrow money from the bank. A business plan does exactly what it says on the tin. This plan should document every nuance of your venture from financing, to premises, to staffing, to procurement… you name it!

Once you’ve got a plan and some money… then you’ve gotta take action and start getting customers! This might seem scary at first… but it’s not so bad considering all the preparation you’ll need to do in advance

Remember to take care of your affairs! Diligent account keeping is crucial to a healthy business. Be sure to keep all your business-related receipts and also employ the services of a good accountant. Hiring a good accountant can also make a big different in your underlying profits. I can’t overstate the importance of doing your annual accounts. Not doing so could result in hefty fines and the resultant closure and liquidation of your business.

Business insurance is another must. Why? Because mistakes and accidents happen. When they happen you want to be sure that your interests and the interests of your customers remain protected. If you fail to do this… at best it could result in a fine and/or loss of money. The worst case scenario could result in jail time — yeah that’s right… prison!

That’s about it. The rest is common sense. If in doubt be sure to get in touch with us using the number above, we’d be happy to help you. Check back for future news and posts, we’ll be sure to bring you the most up-to-date business information.